Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch anyone

It's not my fault! I suspect it's in my DNA! I have a grandparent that does it and a parent that does it, therefore I cannot be held responsible!

My Grandma makes hers with butter and onions, my Dad likes peanut butter, Miracle Whip, bologna and cheese in his (it's true, feel free to read it again if you must!) and my favorite sandwich has Miracle Whip and potato chips! 

It can't be just any old potato chip for my sandwich either. It has to be Ruffles! Mmm Ruffles, they have all that ridgy goodness! Definitely my favorite chip! Yum!

I like to make sure the bread is well covered with a double layer of chips, for maximum crunch. Oh yeah...crunch! That's what I like best about this sandwich. CRUNCH!

That's right my friends, I come from a long line of weird sandwich lovers! And that is why I have a recipe file full of other peoples recipes. The family has no desire to try my creations. They know the family sandwich history.

So there you have it, me, my Dad and my Grandma...weird sandwich eaters. We can't be the only ones though. Right?

Anyone else like a weird sandwich? 



Hello...anyone there?


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