Saturday, March 19, 2011

Comfort dusting?

Recently I opened a new package of Swiffer Dusters. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful smell the box emitted. Thinking it odd that the box of dusters should have such a lovely scent, I asked my family to smell it.(At least I didn't say "does this smell bad!") They too thought the dusters smelled very good.

After several moments of sniffing the box, to convince myself that this was indeed where the lovely smell was coming from, it finally occurred to me to look at the package to see if there was any indication that something had been done to the product. Some days it just takes longer than others!

Sure enough, Swiffer had added lavender, vanilla and comfort (that's right—comfort) febreeze to the dusters. I suppose if I had actually looked at the package when I bought it, I would have known. Although they did make that label kinda small. Here is a close up because you probably didn't notice it either...right?

I will admit that using the lavender, vanilla and comfort scented dusters made my dusting experience much more enjoyable!

Once I started dusting, I didn't want to quit. I felt more relaxed with every sweep of the duster.

I worked until that little cloth was fully coated with dust. My house really needed the dusting. Hey how do you like the little dish I got to hold my jewelry? I really like it. It goes very nicely with rest of the bedroom decor.

Sorry, I had to get you thinking about something other than my dusty house!

All-in-all, I like the addition of lavender, vanilla and comfort to the Swiffer dusters. My only problem is that once I finish dusting, I am so relaxed and comforted, I don't want to do any other chores! Hmmm, maybe I should look at that as a plus too!


Please note: I just like this product. This is not a paid endorsement. I'm just sayin!

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