Friday, March 11, 2011

Sewing class #1

I am a total crafter wanna be, so when the girls told me they wanted to learn to sew I was ecstatic! They want to be crafty too! Yippee! 

Because I have more desire to be crafty that actual skill, I purchased the book Sewing School to help me teach them (and me) the basics of sewing.

We invited the girl's good friend, the lovely Miss Em to join us and filled our sewing boxes with all of the necessary equipment, minus our first projects: an apple shaped pin cushion and a needle book. These projects taught us how to use a pattern,

how to sew on a button,

and how to hand-sew a running stitch.

As a bonus we learned that having Band-Aids in our sewing kits is a good thing. No blood this time, just a small needle poke, but we'd like to be prepared, just in case! And we realized it's manicure time...for all of us!

All in all we had a great time.

Our projects turned out very nicely...if I do say so myself.

As teacher of this little sewing class, I gave everyone an A+! I didn't even have to send anyone to the Principal's office. Whew!!

I can't wait for next weeks class!


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