Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eat and run

We had visitors this morning. Actually we had several visitors this morning because Miss Sofia had a few girlfriends spend the night. A house full of teenage girls is fun. They are full of giggles and silliness and spunk! But these are not the visitors I am referring to. The girls we expected...deer we did not.

While having our breakfast, doughnuts of course, what else would you feed a group of teenage girls who just wanna have fun (unnecessary reference to 80's song but it comes to mind whenever these girls are together, I can't help it)... of the girls noticed several deer in the neighbors yard. 

I had to step outside to get photos!

The four of them seemed to be enjoying the quiet of the morning, at least until I stepped on a patch of ice on our patio—it cracked so loudly it brought one of the deer to it's feet in alarm.

That's when I froze. Maybe, if I didn't move another muscle, they wouldn't realize I was there and they would stay so I could continue to enjoy their presence and get more photos. Hopefully!

Darn! See that one turn to the others and rat me out?

And just like that, they quickly got up and left.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, and I did get a few photos. 

Funny thing is, when I went back inside the house, I discovered that the doughnuts had left just as quickly!

Don't worry, I knew better than to put them all out!


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