Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Favorite Years

I loved when the girls were just babies.

When they were all tiny and squishy and snuggly! And who doesn't love the smell of a wee baby's head??

Don't even get me started about when they were toddlers! So cute! 

Oh those sweet little voices! They just melt your heart. 

And when they cuddle up with you for a story! Awwww

Then the elementary and middle school years. So much fun! Except for helping with math! "That's NOT how my teacher does it!" -sigh

They learned so much.

They grew so much! 

Oh my word that girl passed me up in height! So unfair!

For sure some of the best years ever!! 

But now, as we are 5 plus years into the teen years, I'm going to admit something I never expected. The teen years are my favorite.

Who would have thought? Right??

They haven't necessarily been the easiest years! There have been eye rolls. Oh my word! I had no idea eyes could roll back that far!

There have been moans and groans, and some grumbles, and maybe the occasional stomping up the stairs. Once and awhile it was even the kids. HA! 

Overall, they've been awesome years!

The teen years are the years where their interests really began to shine.

My theater girls!

Where friendships grew deeper and stronger.

What a blessing are the good friendships your children build. 

They sustain and encourage.

They are a joy!

Warms my heart!! 

Not having had this kind of relationship myself, I'm filled with a deep gratitude that our girls are not only sisters but also consider themselves the best of friends.

I've learned over these years that teenagers are the best kind of silly. Inviting you to join in.

They take the best selfies.

And will gladly help you out when your selfie skills are weaker. "Here! Just give me the phone." 

I'll keep working on it!!

They're willing to help in the kitchen - unless it's to do dishes (still a work in progress) but if making and eating food are involved, they're all in!

If it's games, they'll gladly kick your butt, but never let it go if you kick their's. Ha Ha

They're still willing to hang out with mom and dad.

As long as mom and dad don't do anything that's not cool. Singing and dancing in public are NOT COOL!! Of course I would never! Eh hem.

So much happens in these few short years. 

From getting braces on,

and getting braces off.

And having wisdom teeth removed. UGH!

Learning to drive.

Second round of learning to drive happens this fall. Wish us luck! 

Wearing makeup begins. GULP!

Dressing up for dances! DOUBLE GULP!!

And dating! The Husband has perfected his menacing look!

Then comes the first graduation!

It has all gone by so fast. Just a blink!

It's been awesome to walk through these teen years with our girls. I've loved, am loving, every minute. Okay, maybe I haven't loved the eye roll moments as much as some other moments...


Everything will be very different this fall when our household of four becomes a household of three as we prepare for Miss Sofia to head off to college. We look forward, with amazement, to the years our girls move into full adulthood, expecting the same joy brought by the teen years, once I stop crying, "Why do you want to leave me??" 


Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Lasts

I was dragging my feet to the end of the school year this year. I'm talking heels dug in. Knuckles white from holding on to the last few weeks of school, not wanting to let them out of my grasp. 

I just wasn't ready for it to end!!

Because this is the year, my oldest, my first born, my Miss Sofia graduated!!

The Husband and I are so stinkin' proud of her.

I just can't believe that she and her friends are all grown up and ready to head off to college! WHAT??

This was it. This was the last day of high school. The LAST!!

There have been so many lasts.

This is the last first day of school photo I will ever take of all four of these kiddos together.

The last time Miss Sofia and Miss Emma will be at the same school together. 

Sofia's last prom.

Was this the last time she'll ever ask me to do her hair for an event? They've been having me do their hair for a lot of years now. 

When was the last time she let me put her hair in pig tails?

And when was the last time the kiddos played Legos on the porch??

Or one of the girls wanted to hold my hand, or climb up onto my lap???


I find myself thinking about these "lasts" quite a lot lately and my eyes well up with tears. 

It all seemed to go by so fast. 

And no matter how hard I tried to hold on, time marched forward - stupid time!

And here we are. Our oldest has graduated and she's ready to head for college in the fall.

I'm crazy excited for her. I'm bursting with pride for all she has accomplished! And I'm working on being okay with the lasts and celebrating all of her new firsts. 

At least, I intend to work on being okay. 


Maybe tomorrow. 

Excuse me. I need a tissue!


Monday, November 16, 2015


The last remnants of summer
Burn gently away

A mild breeze descends on trees
And helps them to sway

It's time once again
To enjoy the last of the sun

And ready ourselves 
For the winter to come

But until that time comes
We have a blessing in disguise

Leaves turn reddish in color
The sun in splendor sets, and in glory does rise

Autumn in it's beauty
It's nature's middle way

Contrasting the abundance of summer
And a cold winter's day 

— unknown

November in glorious splendor. What a wonder to behold!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Few Changes

You may have noticed, I've made a few changes.

Unexpected Daisies has a new look. Right on the heels of the new look I introduced in May. Weird, right?

Well, here's the deal. In the spring I got up the courage to approach the owner, her name is Lacy, of a great little shop called Eye Candy REfind and ask her if she'd be interested in selling some of my handcrafted items. 

She said yes. - SQUEAL

Along with handmade items, I also began to sell vintage items in her shop, as well as opening my own online vintage store. That led to creating a look for Unexpected Daisies that would reflect the feel of what I was doing.

While it was a lot of fun being part of Eye Candy REfind, I began to realize that my passion was really in the handcrafting! I love me some vintage items to be sure! But what I really wanted to do was make things by hand. And I really had a strong desire to manage my own online store.  

I gave Lacy a big thank you for all of her support and the opportunity and I set my sights on an etsy store where I could sell my handmade goods as well as a new "look" to go with this new direction! Whoop Whoop!!

I hope you like the new look as much as I do! The Husband, designer extraordinaire, created it for me and I love it!!

Currently in the store you will find a selection of decorative pillows. 

Pillows made from old feed sacks
Pillows from vintage wool camp blankets
Okay, so I haven't completely given up vintage! You will find that most of the items in the Unexpected Daisies etsy store are made from a combination of new and repurposed, often vintage, fabrics.

Even the mittens! I love me some cozy mittens!

All of my mittens are made from repurposed, felted wool sweaters and lined with new soft fleece.

Perfect for cold winters!

The tea towels are embellished with designs made from repurposed dress shirts.

And even these zipper pouches, which will be in the store soon, are made with a combination of new and repurposed material.

I love being able to take something old, something that's being discarded, and give it new purpose!

Please go check out my etsy store, and get yourself a new pair of cozy mittens! Winter's coming! They also make an excellent Christmas gift! And watch for the fun new items to come!

I'm so excited about this new direction! It took some twists and turns to get here, but I believe I have found the path I'm supposed to be on.