The Husband, me, Miss Sofia, and Miss Emma. Yes, in that order!

My name is Christine. I am wife to Jason, whom I affectionately refer to as "The Husband" in my blog. He's the best!

I am a mom to two wonderful teenage daughters, Miss Sofia and Miss Emma. Teenagers my friend! That happened way too fast! Life is suddenly full of driving, and boys, and after school jobs, and talk of college! YIKES!! 

We have one dog, Lilo, who is getting old now and a little sassy. I still love her. 

We have three backyard chickens, Pookie, Penelope (Penny) and Jade. We started out with four but sadly lost one, Luna. Though the loss was sad, we still think raising a few chickens is one of the best decisions we ever made. It's been a wonderful learning experience for the whole family, plus...fresh eggs! Every day!! Whoop!

I enjoy photography - which means finding a photograph of me is nearly impossible, as well as crafting, baking and gardening. 

I prefer days fueled by Starbucks! However, I do not love Starbucks more than I love my family, no matter what they claim!

But the most important thing you should know about me is that I long to love the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and with all my strength. My desire is to do this a little better each day than I did the day before.

And, I love to laugh! The bring tears to your eyes, make your belly hurt kind of laugh! Oh yeah, that's good for the soul!

This blog is a place where I like to share a piece of my life, a piece of my heart, a favorite recipe and maybe, on occasion, we'll get to share one of those good belly laughs too. Hope you enjoy reading!