Friday, May 29, 2015

The Countdown Begins

So, I've been intending to make this announcement all week.

But I've been crazy busy so it hasn't happened. -bah

And now I'm crazy tired. Thank goodness there's Starbucks! I love Starbucks!!

I'm also crazy excited!!

So here it is...

The Unexpected Daisies online store will be open for business Monday, June 1st! SQUEAL!!!!!

I absolutely can not believe it!

But it's true! 

How crazy is that?? Totally crazy!!

The online store will carry a delightful combination of one of a kind finds, small quantity batches, or made-at-time-of-order handcrafted, repurposed, and vintage goods. Whoop!

Here's a tiny peek at what you'll find.

Hello pretty little hand painted bowl
Who doesn't love a pile of comfy pillows made from vintage camp blankets??

Bead bracelet anyone? Men's and women's. That's right!

Embellished barn wood picture frame adds the perfect touch to any rustic decor!

Lovely little handmade flowers makes a very pretty embellishment on a variety of things!

From handmade to vintage, home decor to jewelry, if you like unique, one of a kind, chippy, rusty, not so new or perfect, Unexpected Daisies online store will carry a wide variety of interesting and unique goods, with "new"-but not "new-new" (if you know what I mean) inventory added often.

I can't wait for Monday! I hope you will love my new online store as much as I do. 

The Husband has put his foot down and told me I'm not allowed to keep all the items I've oohed and ahhed over though. -sigh

So, please stop in Monday to check out the new Unexpected Daisies online store. -Double squeal!! 

There will even be a fun giveaway! Whoop Whoop!!

And I shall try to contain my excitement through the weekend.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Exciting News

I am a crafter. A crafter who likes to try variety of projects. Mostly I enjoy projects that repurpose, or reuse something.

Mittens made from old wool sweaters?

Oh yeah! I'll give that a try!

Mod Podge transfer onto an old crock?

Let me at it!

Reclaimed barn wood headboard?

Yes please!!

Okay, so the husband helped me with that project. He's the best!!

A pillow made from old t-shirts?

Right up my ally!

Yep, I'm a crafter. 

So what's the point you may be asking. Well, the point is that for years I have talked about the possibility of selling some of the items I craft. I may have even mentioned it here on the blog before. I've talked to the husband about it quite a bit, and for quite awhile. But I have done nothing to pursue this idea.

Until now that is.

With a great deal of encouragement from the husband -which I needed, because, frankly, selling what I've made makes me nervous, which is why I've talked about it for so long but haven't done anything about it - I recently began to sell some of the items I craft in a really great little shop called Eye Candy REfind-SQUEAL

Here's what I've been working on for Eye Candy.

Barn wood picture frames. How cute are these?? I'm sorry! Is it okay to say that I think what I've made is so cute??

I've also done some that will be fun for Father's Day.

I've been busy turning old feed sacks into comfy pillows.

They didn't all make it to the store though. I may have kept one for myself!

I've been working on these cute little driftwood boats and wire baskets.

And one of my favorite projects has been making fabric flowers. I love these!

I've just been crafting like crazy to add things to the store.

I'm having such a good time. But I want to go bigger!

I told you in a previous blog post that I was working on something exciting, well here it is...

I'm going to be opening my own online store! -DOUBLE SQUEAL!!!

I'm working fast and furious to get the online store open.

I've installed a "SHOP" button in the navigation bar so the store can easily be accessed from the blog.

I will be selling handcrafted, repurposed items, and maybe even some unique things I've found while on the hunt for reusable goods. -WHOOP WHOOP!!

I really hope you will like what you find in the store!

So, hang in there! It won't be long until I announce the date of the grand opening!

This just has me giddy!!!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Relay For Life

Last Friday, at a Relay for Life event, hundreds of teenagers raised over 130,000 dollars to support the American Cancer Society. WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Miss Sofia and friends

It was hard to see all of the luminaria for those whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

This one, in memory of my very dear friend, was especially tough for me.

Two years ago my very dear friend Amy attended the Relay for Life event. Shortly thereafter cancer took her life. I miss her terribly!

At this year's Relay event, Amy's sweet daughter Emily, alongside her dad, bravely shared, with all in attendance, what it was like to witness Amy's courage as she dealt with cancer, her hope of eternity, and the legacy Amy left behind.

 Miss Emily and Amy

She did her Mom proud! It was a beautiful tribute! That girl left me in tears! 

And though it's tough to see all of those lights, shining for those affected by cancer, it is inspiring to see so many young people fighting for a cure!

Well done!!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, make some lemonade!

Or better yet, make lemon bars! It's totally okay if you just licked the screen. I understand.

Or even better...make limoncello!!

Definitely go with the limoncello! Limoncello is so good. 

The husband hasn't made limoncello in such a long time. He needs to get on that! Oh yeah! 

You can look back at the limoncello post if you're interested in the process.

Anyway...I'm getting off point a little.

The point is, sometimes life is tough. We go through rough patches. The question is, what are we going to do with the rough patches?

As the husband and I go through our rough patch, his job loss, we are working to turn our lemons into...limoncello!

It has me very excited!

It's still in the works, but I hope to share it with you soon. So hang on! Keep checking in! I'm looking forward to telling you about it!

For now it starts with a new look for Unexpected Daisies!! It's been a few years so it was about time. Hope you like it! 

-SQUEAL! Can't wait to tell you more!


Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Motivation

On this Monday, as we boldly head into a new week, whether it looks overwhelming or bright and shining, let us trust in God. 

He alone is a mighty fortress and a refuge for all who call on His name!