Friday, August 10, 2012

A Few Loose Ends...Limoncello

Back in June the Husband started the process of making Limoncello. He said it would take a couple of weeks.

In the beginning of July, I was getting impatient for the process of making Limoncello to become the process of enjoying Limoncello! But the Husband discovered, upon further investigation, that the longer Limoncello sits, the better it gets. We continued to wait. -ho hum-

Ok, I'll admit, we did have a little taste shortly after step two in the process, it was too hard to resist! 

Since then we've talked about having a few friends over to taste the finished product. It hasn't happened. I continued to wait!

Limoncello sits in my fridge!!

For the last week that bottle of pale yellow nectar has been calling to me.

"Drink me!"

"Come on. You know you want to!"

"Drink me!!"

I finally begged the Husband to let us pop open the bottle! I kinda told him that we weren't being fair to you. You'd been waiting for so long to hear how the Limoncello turned out. We really owed it to you to drink it and tell you about it! Really I was just thinking about you! Uh huh! Yep. That's it! Just about you!

So the other night, while the kids and their friends enjoyed their own version of olympics, in the rain.

It consisted of driveway to yard long jump, flip flop toss, and distance soccer ball kick. I don't know why they haven't officially include these games in the olympics!

They've since progressed to thumb wrestling.

Unofficial olympic thumb wrestlers!

I think thumb wrestling has great potential for becoming a true olympic favorite!

While the backyard olympics were being played, the Husband and I sat on the porch and sipped Limoncello.

It's so good!

It's sweet and lemony. It tastes just like an old fashioned lemon drop candy. -yum, yum, yum-

But a warning!

It packs a wallop!! 

One little 4 ounce glass is perfect. Sweet. Refreshing. Very nice!

Two glasses...whoa!

Yep, it packs a BIG wallop!

So there you have it. 

Limoncello - good!

The Husband will be making it again. Yay!

I will enjoy it, one little glass at a time.


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