Monday, August 6, 2012

Child's play

I've hemmed and hawed and finally decided we're going to have a garage sale.

In preparation for the sale, the Husband and I asked the girls to go through their closets, and pull out any items they're ready to part with. I didn't have high expectations they would find much to sell as we had cleaned out their closets several months ago, but you just never know what they'll suddenly decide they can part with.

There's a funny thing that occurs when you ask a child to clean out their closet, the child inevitably finds a toy previously forgotten about, and immediately becomes completely distracted by said toy. The task at hand is completely forgotten!

Miss Emma Bean succumbed to the temptation when she found the Cat's Cradle instruction book with brightly colored Cat's Cradle string she had received from her Aunt Peri some time ago. We found her sitting on her bedroom floor creating Cat's Cradle patterns surrounded by all of the other contents of her closet. -snort-

Cat's Cradle has been the cat's meow ever since. Cat's meow. Get it? Ha ha ha hmmmm


Now, every time I turn around it's either cat's whiskers,

or witch's hats.

Some of the Cat's Cradle shapes take a lot of concentration to create.

It can be very frustrating to miss a step!

The girl's friends have gotten into the act too!




The eye. When you pull the strings the eye even winks! Cool!

The bridge.

Eiffel Tower!

And of course the ever popular Jacob's ladder!

Or even better, the longest Jacob's ladder EVER!!

It's so great to watch them put down the iPods and play a game that I spent many joyful hours playing when I was a child. And they thought the Husband and I were joking when we told them that somehow we happily survived childhood and all we had to play with were rocks and pieces of string!!


P.S. A big thank you to Aunt Peri for introducing our girls to the joy of playing Cat's Cradle!

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