Friday, August 3, 2012

Gimme Ice Cream

When the day is hot and the need for ice cream is great!

Then there's only one place to go for our desires to sate.

To Nelson's we fly.

To eat ice cream piled high!

The children shout, "A big one for me!"

This is a children's small ice cream!
The response is, "NO! A small is plenty, you'll see."

Finally there's a refreshed look on each face.

Again, a small!
But now you'd better eat quick! Oh yes make haste!

We required refreshment because of the day's heat.

That heat will quickly make a puddle of your ice cream treat!!

Ewwww, all down your arm it will begin to flow.

We sure appreciate the wash tub. Hey Nelson's, way to go!!

The need for ice cream met, we're once again all neat and clean.

It's time for us to flee the scene.

But we'll be back. There is no doubt.

We've yet to try every flavor out!

And it's still so stinkin' hot!


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