Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch anyone

It's not my fault! I suspect it's in my DNA! I have a grandparent that does it and a parent that does it, therefore I cannot be held responsible!

My Grandma makes hers with butter and onions, my Dad likes peanut butter, Miracle Whip, bologna and cheese in his (it's true, feel free to read it again if you must!) and my favorite sandwich has Miracle Whip and potato chips! 

It can't be just any old potato chip for my sandwich either. It has to be Ruffles! Mmm Ruffles, they have all that ridgy goodness! Definitely my favorite chip! Yum!

I like to make sure the bread is well covered with a double layer of chips, for maximum crunch. Oh yeah...crunch! That's what I like best about this sandwich. CRUNCH!

That's right my friends, I come from a long line of weird sandwich lovers! And that is why I have a recipe file full of other peoples recipes. The family has no desire to try my creations. They know the family sandwich history.

So there you have it, me, my Dad and my Grandma...weird sandwich eaters. We can't be the only ones though. Right?

Anyone else like a weird sandwich? 



Hello...anyone there?


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It happened in the blink of an eye! In a split second! Without warning! Dun dun daaaa!

Well, I might be exaggerating, but only a little. It's probably more accurate to say that it happened faster than I wanted it to. But it happened and there isn't a thing I can do to change it! I have become the Mother of a TEENAGER! (Cue blood curdling scream and crash of thunder).

That's right, my little baby... getting all growed up! Sniff

Now, I've heard the talk. Yes, I've heard people say "teenagers these days." And while I am no longer allowed to sing, dance, or be goofy in any way around my new teenager's friends, (unless they already knew me and therefore already knew that I was goofy and/or they have parents that are also known to be goofy and/or it is the 35th of the month and the 35th lands on a Tuesday) I think having a teenager will be a good thing.

There are all kinds of new adventures to enjoy with a teenage daughter in the family, such as preparing for school dances,

and having a sleepovers. FYI: they only call them sleepovers so parents will agree to them, not because they intend to sleep. All they really want to do is giggle all night!

Teenage girls also like to spend more time painting their nails than they did when they were younger.

And today's teenage girls think it's very cool to wear ripped jeans.

Hmmm ripped jeans...that sounds vaguely familiar.

Me, a long time ago, in my totally cool ripped jeans! (Radical)

Though my experience raising a teenage girl has just begun, I'd say that it seems pretty similar to when I was that age.

Teens still want to spend time with good friends, they want encouragement and reassurance that they are on the right track, they want to begin to make their own choices and they still want Mom and Dad to hug them and spend time with them and be silly with long as no one they know is looking!

All things considered I think the teen years will be awesome and hopefully we have many more years before our teenage girl brings home some cute guy for us to meet!! Gulp

Me and my cute guy, a long time ago! (With totally awesome hair, for sure)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey neighbor

We have new neighbors. They're a family of seven...Mama and six little ones. 

They must have moved in about a month ago, but kept to themselves. I only found out about them yesterday.

The little ones are adorable. When I saw them I just wanted to pick them up and rub my face on their bellies, and talk baby talk to them, and then I wanted to tell them that they are sooo cuuute I could just eat them up. Their Mama might not have taken to kindly to that sort of interaction and I did want to keep all my fingers and my nose, so I kept my distance and took photos instead.

Just look at how cute my new neighbors are!

Look how nicely they sat to have their photo taken.

Photo by Amy L

And Mama has been doing a very nice job of keeping the squirrel population down on our block. Squirrel seems to be a favorite meal for the little ones.

It was great to meet our foxy new neighbors yesterday! Foxy! Get it? I crack myself up!


Monday, March 28, 2011

A grateful heart

I have a heart full of gratitude. Why wouldn't I when there are so many things that make me happy.

1. Children with ten fingers, ten toes, who are healthy. Grateful!

2. When days are filled with sunshine and flowers. Grateful!

3. My husband has a good job that provides for our family. Grateful!

4. I have wonderful friends and family. Grateful!

5. The beautiful intricacy of nature. Grateful!

6. The first lovely snow of winter. Grateful

The list of things that make me happy, and therefore grateful could go on and on. It's easy to be grateful for the things in life that make me happy. But what if I had to add a sick child to my list? Or what if I had to include a spouse who was injured or had been without work for several months. What if my marriage was broken and I could see no way to repair it. Could I still be grateful if life went from a peaceful flow to a raging torrent of heartache?

I have been wrestling with this question lately. I want to believe that I have a heart of gratitude, but I if I can get annoyed with something comparatively minor as the car breaking down, I have to wonder if I am truly thankful or am I conditionally grateful. 

How do I offer thanks when someone I love is ill and all I want is their healing and healing has yet to come? How do I offer thanks when a Tsunami devastates a village and thousands die?

I have begun to see that when things in life go well I am quick to express my gratitude to the Lord. Of course...I am happy. But when life is not all as I believe it should be, I hesitate. I say I believe God is good, yet my breath catches in my chest and I wait for it. That's right I wait for it. I wait to see the good before I give thanks. I want proof.

Over and over God has shown me His goodness. Yet, my heart is heavy that even after all these years and all the good He has done, I still expect Him to prove it to me again, before I will give thanks. Shouldn't I be in a place where my thanks comes because I remember the good He has done and I am looking expectantly, thankfully to what He is going to do next?

Thanksgiving—always precedes the miracle. I read these words in the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and they pierced my soul. Thanksgiving first? Really? 

I think YES, really! 

The truest expression of my faith would be to give thanks for what God will do, will provide, will teach, before it happens, in the midst, knowing that another reason for thanksgiving will come.

I think I may be in need of a thankful heart transplant.



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eat and run

We had visitors this morning. Actually we had several visitors this morning because Miss Sofia had a few girlfriends spend the night. A house full of teenage girls is fun. They are full of giggles and silliness and spunk! But these are not the visitors I am referring to. The girls we expected...deer we did not.

While having our breakfast, doughnuts of course, what else would you feed a group of teenage girls who just wanna have fun (unnecessary reference to 80's song but it comes to mind whenever these girls are together, I can't help it)... of the girls noticed several deer in the neighbors yard. 

I had to step outside to get photos!

The four of them seemed to be enjoying the quiet of the morning, at least until I stepped on a patch of ice on our patio—it cracked so loudly it brought one of the deer to it's feet in alarm.

That's when I froze. Maybe, if I didn't move another muscle, they wouldn't realize I was there and they would stay so I could continue to enjoy their presence and get more photos. Hopefully!

Darn! See that one turn to the others and rat me out?

And just like that, they quickly got up and left.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, and I did get a few photos. 

Funny thing is, when I went back inside the house, I discovered that the doughnuts had left just as quickly!

Don't worry, I knew better than to put them all out!


Friday, March 25, 2011

The goof troop

My family is goofy!

The other day I found this little guy placed atop my computer. 

This is how I found the old orange that I intended to use to freshen the garbage disposal.

And when I went to check on the fish, I discovered that these two were already on the job.

Odd isn't it, that my family can find the time to do these things! I am beginning to think I need to give them more productive ways to spend their time!

I do however get a good chuckle out of seeing Joe Bender hanging from the desk lamp!

My family makes me laugh and I love it!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lilo the Magnificent

She sits!

She lays down!

She begs!

(Nice use of tongue to catch drool)

She dances!

She shakes hands paws...oh you know what I mean. She does this!

(And the tongue is needed again)

She plays dead! (the tail even played along this time, woohoo!)

She even rolls over!!

And the Piece de Résistance...she does it all without getting one drop of drool on the ground as she awaits her reward!!!

(No fingers were bitten while taking this photo!)


Now, if I can just teach her to do the laundry!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I done been had

I done been had! Bean's poor little fish, who we all felt so sorry for, is a con fish. That's right...Con, with a capital C!

I searched online to get some help for the poor ailing Señor Bubbles. The information I found indicated that we were doing everything right...except! One website was adamant that Betta fish should be kept in a filtered tank, never in a bowl, which is exactly what we had...bowls! I would add that they were very lovely, inexpensive bowls! 

Now I felt awful. Concerned that we had made Señor Bubbles miserable because we put him in a bowl...O the horror...we promptly purchased a small filtered tank for him hoping that moving him into the tank would aid in his recovery. 

Of course we couldn't get a tank for just Señor Bubbles, that would not be fair to the other fish! So yep, you guessed it, we got a total of three small fish tanks at $27 a piece. Our cheap guinea pig alternative ain't lookin' so cheap anymore my friends!

I'm sure you are wondering why I think I've been had. I'll tell you. Señor Bubbles was in his new, spacious, filtered tank for less than thirty seconds when he had a miraculous recovery. His color returned and he began swimming around happy as a clam.

Just look at him!

That was not how he looked moments before going into his new abode. I don't believe Bean's little fish was ill at all. I think he was throwing what could be considered the equivalent to a toddler's tantrum! That's right, he wanted better digs and he was "holding his breath" until he got what he wanted. Naughty fish!

I'm now convinced that Betta fish can survive quite well in a bowl apartment, they just prefer the penthouse suite! 

At least all of the fish were finally happy and well...for four days...then Jason's fish, Filet-O, died.

My friends it's all too much. I don't know what I was thinking when I said yes to fish, but I rue the day!!!

I need some chocolate!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't wake me

Because it takes a long time for spring to really feel like spring in Minnesota, I have taken to daydreaming about the things I will do when the weather is nice to help me get through the next few weeks of disappearing (and reappearing) snow, muddy yards, and futile searching of the garden for any signs that it is coming back to life.

I dream about fresh, tart raspberries plucked from the bush. Yummmmmm!

I dream of flower gardens abuzz with bees who will float off to make sweet honey.

I'm dreaming of picnics in the park on warm sunny days. I do love a picnic!

And I dream about playing in the sand at the beach...warm sand squishing between my toes...delightful!

So in the next few weeks, if you happen to see me wandering through the day with a faraway look in my eyes, mumbling about the lovely sunshine, and unaware of the gloom and remaining snow...please don't wake me!!