Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I done been had

I done been had! Bean's poor little fish, who we all felt so sorry for, is a con fish. That's right...Con, with a capital C!

I searched online to get some help for the poor ailing Señor Bubbles. The information I found indicated that we were doing everything right...except! One website was adamant that Betta fish should be kept in a filtered tank, never in a bowl, which is exactly what we had...bowls! I would add that they were very lovely, inexpensive bowls! 

Now I felt awful. Concerned that we had made Señor Bubbles miserable because we put him in a bowl...O the horror...we promptly purchased a small filtered tank for him hoping that moving him into the tank would aid in his recovery. 

Of course we couldn't get a tank for just Señor Bubbles, that would not be fair to the other fish! So yep, you guessed it, we got a total of three small fish tanks at $27 a piece. Our cheap guinea pig alternative ain't lookin' so cheap anymore my friends!

I'm sure you are wondering why I think I've been had. I'll tell you. Señor Bubbles was in his new, spacious, filtered tank for less than thirty seconds when he had a miraculous recovery. His color returned and he began swimming around happy as a clam.

Just look at him!

That was not how he looked moments before going into his new abode. I don't believe Bean's little fish was ill at all. I think he was throwing what could be considered the equivalent to a toddler's tantrum! That's right, he wanted better digs and he was "holding his breath" until he got what he wanted. Naughty fish!

I'm now convinced that Betta fish can survive quite well in a bowl apartment, they just prefer the penthouse suite! 

At least all of the fish were finally happy and well...for four days...then Jason's fish, Filet-O, died.

My friends it's all too much. I don't know what I was thinking when I said yes to fish, but I rue the day!!!

I need some chocolate!


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