Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey neighbor

We have new neighbors. They're a family of seven...Mama and six little ones. 

They must have moved in about a month ago, but kept to themselves. I only found out about them yesterday.

The little ones are adorable. When I saw them I just wanted to pick them up and rub my face on their bellies, and talk baby talk to them, and then I wanted to tell them that they are sooo cuuute I could just eat them up. Their Mama might not have taken to kindly to that sort of interaction and I did want to keep all my fingers and my nose, so I kept my distance and took photos instead.

Just look at how cute my new neighbors are!

Look how nicely they sat to have their photo taken.

Photo by Amy L

And Mama has been doing a very nice job of keeping the squirrel population down on our block. Squirrel seems to be a favorite meal for the little ones.

It was great to meet our foxy new neighbors yesterday! Foxy! Get it? I crack myself up!


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