Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I love my man reason #10,001

It's Science Fair project time for Emma bean. The Science Fair is a requirement at our elementary school for all fourth and fifth graders. I am ashamed to say it, but I get stress hives just thinking about the Science Fair!

The first time we experienced the fair was when Sofia was in fourth grade. She came home with a packet of information explaining what was expected of each student. I may have panicked ever so slightly as I began to consider all that would be involved. She'd need to; choose an area of study, research it, write a report, determine how to conduct an experiment, build any necessary structures for the experiment etc,etc,etc. Let's face it, this was something most fourth and fifth graders wouldn't be able to do on their own.

Please don't get me wrong. I think the Science Fair is a wonderful learning opportunity for students...it is also a lot of extra work...homework...for the parents. I am already responsible for making sure the girls do their daily homework, and help them if they are struggling, and regularly the school sends work home specifically for me...sign this form, fill out that form, read this, and print out that. I also have a daily list of my own "home" work to do...laundry, clean, help at school, make meals etc,etc,etc. Adding a Science Fair project, on top of everything else, was too much!  

I may have had a bit of a rant that day. Maybe. I don't remember for sure. Whatever happened, Jason, being incredibly supportive, offered to be in charge of the science project and he has been helping the girls with them ever since.

He patiently listens to all of their wild experiment ideas, and helps the girls settle on something doable. Then he pulls out the tools...well, not all projects need tools...Beans project needed tools. They are studying inertia. I know nothing more. I am not about to interfere! He has it under control!

He and Bean worked all last Saturday afternoon. He taught her the proper way to use sand paper—with the grain—and how to use a drill.(No actual drilling was done in this shot, she just really wanted her photo taken) Bean delighted in time spent working with her Daddy!

Lilo tried to help, but she bores easily and gave up after only a few minutes. She hasn't admitted it, but I think Science Fair projects stress her out too!

Jason and Bean were both very proud of their finished, working model. What it does...I don't know yet. They are doing just fine without me.

With the model completed, the two of them will move on to writing up the report and tacking the support materials onto a presentation board. Voila, they will be done. Jason and Bean will have had some awesome Daddy and daughter time and I will not have hives! I love my man!!


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Jennifer said...

That is why it great to have another adult in the house to take over where you can't.