Friday, March 4, 2011

It's inevitable

Yesterday, my Sofibug was a little girl...

I turned my back for just a moment, and she grew up! She is now thirteen and like most girls her age, her interests are growing up too. 

A week ago Sofia came home all giggles and smiles. She told us she had gotten HIS (Please note that capital letters will be used in place of HIS name to protect Him from any possible embarrassment, not that his parents or anyone he knows read my silly blog, but it's a courtesy) number! "I asked HIM for his number Mom, and he gave it to me, and now I can text him!" were her exact words.

I was shocked and dismayed! Was my girl a boy chaser? Jason and I needed to have a little chat with our girl. This was not OK! We explained our views about girls asking boys for their phone numbers...NO, and told her she may not text HIM. Some will say we are old fashioned I know, especially today's thirteen year olds, but that's how we see it.

"Mom" she said "HE will wonder why I didn't text!" I told her, that if he asked, she should tell HIM that she decided she would wait until he asked for her number. I said "Honey, the boy needs to get up the courage to ask. That is how you know if he is interested." I think she was afraid that HE wouldn't ask on his own. I definitely hoped HE wasn't ready to ask on his own! Fortunately, though she steamed a little, she obeyed and did not text HIM.

Yesterday, Sofia came home all giggles and smiles. "Mom, HE asked me why I didn't text. I told him I decided to wait for him to ask for my number. He asked, and he's texting me right now!"

My girl was in fits of delirium! She felt a lot better because HE had asked for her number. "Mom" she said "You were right!" 

Of course I was, and I was on cloud nine because my girl knew it. Now perhaps, she will heed my instruction a little more quickly next time, because now she knows, that I know what I'm talking about. I was right! HA!

However, the cloud dissipated very quickly when I realized, HE would now be texting my daughter, and he likes her! HELP!!!


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