Monday, March 7, 2011

The spring line

It would appear that I am raising a couple of budding fashion designers.

When I opened iphoto on my Mac the other day, I found, what I have no doubt is what we will be seeing on the red carpet in the near future!

I suspect this will be worn by an actress, whose career is just beginning to bloom. With her incredible fashion sense, she is likely to be around for a while.

Some actress, who is trying to revive a career that has begun to dry up, will make a splash in this little number.

This fabulous piece will be worn by the hottest star in town! Hopefully she won't be just a flash in the pan!

And this will be seen on the girl, who feels lucky to be walking down the red carpet, arm in arm, with the most popular actor of the evening.

Though I have some sewing skills and can offer some assistance, I have no idea how the girls will execute these particular designs, but I will encourage them with the same words used by the fashionable and fabulous Tim Gunn..."Make it work!" Then I will go in search of flame retardant thread!

Would you believe...they even have Lady Gaga covered!


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Anonymous said...

These are too funny.