Monday, March 21, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

Because there's nothing better than hanging out at the art museum on a gloomy, rainy, still snow on the ground, nothin' growin' yet, Minnesota day, that's what we did!

Oh the wonders! We saw works of art that were bright and beautiful.

We saw works that were soothing to the soul.

We saw one piece that was an obvious work of art!

There was another we just found confusing.

Some works made us think!

There was silly artwork that made us laugh.

Awesome! Yep, that's my kid...

...photographing this piece, from what she thought, was its best angle!!

I moved everyone along very quickly. I was concerned that one of the very serious looking security guards might decide we should be ejected from the museum. (Oops, we may have been having too much fun!) 

From there we moved on and saw things that were scary.

But mostly we enjoyed stunning works of art, that took our breath away!

A quick heads up, check with any museum before taking photos to make sure it is allowed. Our museum permits photos of their exhibits so long as you do not use a flash. And don't fret when you notice security following you around. Once you take a photograph without the flash, they will walk away, they just want to know you're obeying the rules.

I was grateful for the one guard who asked us straight away if we knew the no flash rule, that's when we got wise to the stalking guards. For a moment I thought we had been profiled as museum trouble makers! (the butt shot and all...ahem!) What a relief!


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