Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have a dream

For several years now, I have been creating a very romantic dream in my mind of having a hobby farm. I would name it something clever like...actually I haven't thought up a clever name for it, but I imagine it WILL have a clever name.

I imagine I will raise chickens on my little hobby farm. Just like Martha Stewart's chickens, mine will lay green, and brown, and blue eggs. No plain old white eggs on my farm!

I will also have a little donkey on my hobby farm. I don't know if they are useful on a farm, but they are cute.

I don't think I will have goats.They too, are cute, but I understand that they multiply quickly and eat everything. When I begin to add goats to my dream I can't stop imagining goats, multiplying, uncontrollably, and eating everything in sight. There go my imaginary flower beds and the imaginary vegetable gardens. There is no stopping them in my imagination! Yep, I think definitely NO goats!

I will have a llama or two on the farm. With their doleful eyes peering out from under impossibly long lashes, who wouldn't love a llama?

Recently, I read a blog post on Confessions of The Pioneer Woman, by Ree Drummond. She lives on a ranch—for any of you who are not familiar with her—and her blog shares a lot of information about life on the ranch. Her stories usually add to my notion that, while I don't want to live on a big ranch, living on a small hobby farm would be a wonderful life. That is until the recent post, in which she brought up a part of living around all of those animals that I had not included in any of my imaginings...Manure! Ugh! I believe her exact words were: STINKS, STAINS, and GRODY! AND, I can't even stand the mess the dog makes in the yard!

My hobby farm dream will never be the same again! In fact, it might be time for a new dream!! Maybe I should write a blog.


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