Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The recipe file #2

Several months ago I purchased Pappardelle pasta.

I thought the giant noodles looked amazing and I could imagine that there must be something wonderful I could make with them, so I went in search of a recipe. Finding a recipe that the family would like was not as easy as I expected.

One recipe I found had mushrooms and Taleggio cheese...the family said no to mushrooms. 


I found a recipe with butternut squash and blue cheese...the family made gagging faces!


I was getting pretty bummed that the beautiful pappardelle pasta sat in my cabinet—unused!

Isn't it a pretty pasta?

Thanks be to the Pioneer Woman for posting a recipe on her blog for short ribs in tomato sauce with fettuccine. I finally had a recipe the family would like and the pappardelle would substitute nicely for the fettuccine. 


I know, I added another recipe to the file! But I did make it this week, and I had the pappardelle already, and the picture looked sooo good...I couldn't help it!

If you have some pappardelle pasta in the cabinet that you don't know what to do with...do this! 


If you are interested in this recipe, use this link for short ribs in tomato sauce to go directly to the Pioneer Woman's site where she did an amazing job going through the recipe step by step.


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Jason v said...

This is a "must add" to the recipe box. You are a wonderful cook!