Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things I like

I like little girls in tutus! Didn't Emma bean look darling! She was just too cute for words!!!

I don't like that my little bean only wore that tutu three times before she decided she didn't like it. My begging her to wear it, because I thought she looked too cute for words, was not cute. Frankly, it was pathetic. Thank goodness I got a few photos. The stinker!

I like giant heart garland cut out of newspaper! 

This photo is courtesy of my Uncle, who cut out this delightful, giant heart garland with his very own, scissor happy hands (his words not mine...he's very creative) for Valentine's Day! I would cut some out right now and put them up all over my house except, I don't like it when the stores put up decorations months before they should...therefore I will set a good example and wait for next Valentine's day! Until then I will put this photo on my bulletin board because it makes me smile!


for taking time out of your busy day to read my silly musings!

Tell me...what do you like?


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