Monday, March 14, 2011

New additions

Around Christmas, I think I lost my mind a little, because I began to entertain the idea of getting Guinea pigs for the girls. We went to the pet store to price the little rodents and the equipment necessary for maintaining said rodents. 

A Guinea pig costs around $20, and the housing for a little piggy is between $80 and $120. Keep in mind we were talking about purchasing two piggies and a habitat that would accommodate two piggies. We were looking at a total of around $120 to $140, and that didn't even include; bedding, food, toys (oh yes, they need toys to chew on—who knew?), or the giant, clear plastic balls that allow the guinea pigs to run around the house without actually running free—definitely need those!

The reality of the cost of Guinea pigs was causing my mind to come back to me. What really set me right again was learning that guinea pigs can live five to seven years. In our household that will be during teen years. Momma doesn't want to be care taking guinea pigs when the girls become busy teens who don't have time for them. I let the Guinea pig idea go faster than the hot pan I recently tried to pull out of the oven with my bare hand!

I should have mentioned to the girls that the piggies were a no go, because they asked about it last weekend. After we told them Guinea pigs were a "NO", Sofibug asked "can we get a fish then?" Because I felt bad or maybe my mind hadn't completely returned, I said yes.

After buying two fun glass containers at only $5 each and three Betta fish (Jason decided he wanted one too—good thing we had a fish bowl at home) at $4 each, we had three happy campers—six if you count the fish!

Including the cost of fish food $2, a fish net $2 and plants $2, we spent under $30! Yep, Momma got her mind back!!

Betta fish are very pretty.

Mr. Nibbles

They only live up to four years.

SeƱor Bubbles

And they are low maintenance.


My favorite thing about Betta fish...they don't shed!!

Yes Lilo, we still love you!!


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Jason V said...

Great post! Welcome to the family our new fishy friends!