Monday, August 20, 2012

A Few Loose Ends...Mickey's Diner

I almost forgot to tell you about our lunch at Mickey's Diner in St. Paul during our staycation.

Over the years the diner has been featured in variety of magazines, television shows, and movies. Mickey's Diner is quite the celebrity! The girls managed to get a photo but no autograph. Oh well.

I can't believe that it took a staycation to finally get us there. The Husband and I have talked about going for years.

It's Mickey's Diner! And we'd never been. -bah-

Well Mickey's did not disappoint!

We enjoyed quintessential diner food!

Sandwiches, burgers, fries, malts and my favorite...breakfast served all day! Whoop whoop! 

Pancakes at Mickey's are as big as your plate, and served with a smile!! I think the pancakes are the only thing on the menu we didn't try.

I ordered scrambled eggs and hash browns! See that mound of hash browns? Those were my order! The portions are huge!

While the food was great, it was Roger, a customer of Mickey's Diner for nearly 42 years, who was sitting next to me, and his banter with the staff that made our visit something special.

Roger told me about the history of Mickey's Diner and all about his family. He teased and grumbled at the staff, the staff in turn gave as good as they got, and he may have told a few jokes that left Miss Emma Bean wide eyed with disbelief that a person would say such things out loud. She and I talked later. It was fine. Sadly she's headed for middle school this fall and will hear far worse in the halls. -sniff-

Mostly Roger was kind and friendly, he made us laugh, and his love for the staff at Mickeys Diner was unmistakable!

If you ever get the opportunity to lunch at Mickey's Diner, I hope you get the pleasure of sitting next to Roger, and be sure to try the Mulligan stew!


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