Monday, August 27, 2012

Everything Must Go

Last week was crazy busy with preparations for our garage sale. 

I like going to garage sales much more than I like having garage sales, but it was time. I went through every room, every closet, every cabinet, and even the basement catch-all shelves. Yep, it was definitely time for a garage sale!

The sale was last Thursday through Saturday. 

Even though we had less traffic than we've had in the past, the sale went pretty well. Note to the future do not plan a garage sale during the first days of the state fair! 

We sold most of the smaller items -Yay!- but not many of the larger the little dresser that worked perfectly for Miss Emma Bean when she was a little girl but now is not big enough to hold her preteen sized clothing, and Miss Sofia's dollhouse bookshelf that is not exactly "teenagery". -sniff-

Teenagery is a new word in our household. So far I have concluded that it means things that pertain to, are perfect for, or are cool enough for one that is in the years between 13 and 19. Teenagery is not a dollhouse bookshelf. -double sniff-

Hopefully we will be able to sell some of the remaining items on Craig's list.

I'm super grateful the Husband was able to take a couple of days off from work to help with the sale. Having him around helped make things a little less crazy. He'd run to check on the garage sale signs in the morning and bring back a Starbuck's mocha for me. -Yay- He even ran to get lunch for us one day. This was in the bag of chips he got for me.

Happy chip! Silly, but it kinda made my day.

And if the Husband hadn't been home to help with the sale, he would have missed all the excitement when our Poplar tree was removed.

The tree was huge! It provided a great deal of wonderful shade for our backyard. We were so sad when we noticed, a couple of years ago, that some of the branches were dying. We held off on taking it down for as long as we felt was safe. When we noticed this summer that some of the large roots that are above ground were breaking, we decided we couldn't wait any longer.

The tree had some crazy roots man! The log Miss Sofia is sitting on in this photo, a root from the Poplar tree! Oh yeah. Crazy roots!

Anyway, the tree was getting worse and it had to come down. And since we were at it, we had the final old apple tree removed as well.

It's pretty amazing how quickly a tree can be reduced to a pile of branches and logs.

One brave guy in a cherry picker with a couple of chain saws is all it takes.

I would not want to be that guy!

It's fascinating watching a tree come down. It draws quite a crowd.

We lost our garage sale helpers.

As the larger branches began to drop the ground shook and the neighborhood children cheered.

I think we should have sold tickets to the show. It's not cheap to have a tree taken down.

It's not bad enough that all our lovely shade is gone, but we also had to pay to have it removed. -insult and injury-

Once all of the branches were removed, a rope was attached to the top of the stump, the other end tied to the truck,

a few precise cuts were made in the base, and one good pull from the truck...



Then a little cleanup.

One guy pushed everything into piles and the other guy picked up the piles and dropped everything into the truck.

They made short work of clearing out that tree indeed.

I think it's a good idea for the guy making the piles to always be on the good side of the guy working the claw!!!! -Yikes!-

What took years to grow, only took a few hours to take down. 

Our new view.

I need more Happy chips or more tissues!!


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