Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Favorite Years

I loved when the girls were just babies.

When they were all tiny and squishy and snuggly! And who doesn't love the smell of a wee baby's head??

Don't even get me started about when they were toddlers! So cute! 

Oh those sweet little voices! They just melt your heart. 

And when they cuddle up with you for a story! Awwww

Then the elementary and middle school years. So much fun! Except for helping with math! "That's NOT how my teacher does it!" -sigh

They learned so much.

They grew so much! 

Oh my word that girl passed me up in height! So unfair!

For sure some of the best years ever!! 

But now, as we are 5 plus years into the teen years, I'm going to admit something I never expected. The teen years are my favorite.

Who would have thought? Right??

They haven't necessarily been the easiest years! There have been eye rolls. Oh my word! I had no idea eyes could roll back that far!

There have been moans and groans, and some grumbles, and maybe the occasional stomping up the stairs. Once and awhile it was even the kids. HA! 

Overall, they've been awesome years!

The teen years are the years where their interests really began to shine.

My theater girls!

Where friendships grew deeper and stronger.

What a blessing are the good friendships your children build. 

They sustain and encourage.

They are a joy!

Warms my heart!! 

Not having had this kind of relationship myself, I'm filled with a deep gratitude that our girls are not only sisters but also consider themselves the best of friends.

I've learned over these years that teenagers are the best kind of silly. Inviting you to join in.

They take the best selfies.

And will gladly help you out when your selfie skills are weaker. "Here! Just give me the phone." 

I'll keep working on it!!

They're willing to help in the kitchen - unless it's to do dishes (still a work in progress) but if making and eating food are involved, they're all in!

If it's games, they'll gladly kick your butt, but never let it go if you kick their's. Ha Ha

They're still willing to hang out with mom and dad.

As long as mom and dad don't do anything that's not cool. Singing and dancing in public are NOT COOL!! Of course I would never! Eh hem.

So much happens in these few short years. 

From getting braces on,

and getting braces off.

And having wisdom teeth removed. UGH!

Learning to drive.

Second round of learning to drive happens this fall. Wish us luck! 

Wearing makeup begins. GULP!

Dressing up for dances! DOUBLE GULP!!

And dating! The Husband has perfected his menacing look!

Then comes the first graduation!

It has all gone by so fast. Just a blink!

It's been awesome to walk through these teen years with our girls. I've loved, am loving, every minute. Okay, maybe I haven't loved the eye roll moments as much as some other moments...


Everything will be very different this fall when our household of four becomes a household of three as we prepare for Miss Sofia to head off to college. We look forward, with amazement, to the years our girls move into full adulthood, expecting the same joy brought by the teen years, once I stop crying, "Why do you want to leave me??" 



Karen A. said...

You, my friend, make me smile and tear up and feel blessed. I love the loving and real way you record the stuff of life. Will you please sign my copy of Unexpected Daisies when it comes out in book form. Love you! :-D

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