Monday, May 2, 2011

To market to market!

One of the sure signs of spring is the return of the farmers market downtown St. Paul. 

The farmers market is absolutely one of my favorite things!

I knew that there would not be much in the way of produce to purchase, but that didn't matter, it was the first market of the season and I wanted to be there.

Like I said the market didn't have any carrots, zucchini, or tomatoes yet, but there were plenty of spring Pussy Willow...blooms? Are they called blooms? I never thought about it before. Whatever they're called, there were lots of them and they were very pretty.

We also found flats of lettuce seedlings. I can't wait to eat my first garden fresh salad.

As always the market had honey, golden and delicious.

We even made some new friends.

There weren't many, but the market did have a few flowering plants.

I know I should have waited, because the weather is still so cold here and it continues to snow in between bouts of rain, but I could not resist purchasing a couple of these gorgeous Begonias.

Now I'm going to have to nurse them and protect them and hope they make it until the weather is warmer so I can put them in my planter on the porch.

I really should have waited! But they are sooo pretty, I couldn't help myself.

Speaking of rain...we had a great time at the market (we were only a little disappointed that our favorite brat vender wasn't there so we could have our first brat of the market season, actually I prefer a chili dog...I'm just sayin! Next time) and only had to deal with a few light sprinkles, until we headed back to the car which was a couple of blocks away, at which time the wind and rain really began to pick up.

Yep, we got soaked! 

I don't think the family appreciated my need to document that part of our outing with a photo, but again I couldn't help myself. I may need to work on that.


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