Thursday, May 26, 2011

He said/She said 2

She decided that it was about time to replace the body poofs that she and the Husband had been using. The old ones had been around for awhile and she began to think about the amount of dead skin and crud that might be lurking in the old poofs. YUCK! It was time for the old ones to go.

Yes she calls them poofs. She does not know what else to call them.

Yes, she has just told you the Husband uses a poof and it does not in any way reflect on his manliness! 

But she might choose to call his a body scrubber instead of a poof.

For those who are totally confused and have no idea what a poof/scrubber is...tah dah!

Body poof/scrubber.

She specifically purchased a scrubber that was a bit more compact for the Husband because that is the way he likes his scrubber. She also chose a manly shade of gray for him.

Wasn't she thoughtful? 

She was!

She purchased a less compact poof for herself, for that is how she prefers her poof. Her poof is a lovely shade of purple.

I like that word...poof, poof, poof.

Sorry. It's out of my system now. Wait...poof! OK, I'm done.

This morning, after using the new scrubber for the first time...

He said: I wasn't sure which scrubber was for me, so I used the one on my side, the purple one.

She said: The purple one is mine. I bought the gray, more compact one for you.

He said: I don't like the compact ones.

She said: Yes you do. The one you'd been using was a more compact one.

He said: I never used that one. I told you I didn't like that old compact one.

She said: You did not!

He never told her that he did not like the compact one. NEVER. She would have remembered. She has a memory like a...a...well she can't remember what it's called, but her memory is very good.

She said: So I just replaced a poof that has never been used with a poof that will never be used?

He said nothing.

Now she wonders if a poof can be returned. 

Returning a poof just seems wrong. 

Thankfully the poofs were only a dollar each.

By the way, did she mention that she found the birdbath? It was right where she left it last fall.

Yep, she has a memory like a...


P.S. This post was Husband approved.

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