Monday, May 9, 2011

Four Generations

The table was set with a little extra flair.

In the hope of giving joy to each Mom who'd be there!

A Mom who brought six into this world they're now grown,
Great Grandma she is called by the children's children of her own.

She is still full of beauty and grace
I delight in seeing the smile on her face!

And her daughter a Mom of two girls now grown
From them she has four grandchildren of her own.

She too is lovely as in this photo can be seen,
Aging beautifully...I hope I got that gene.

And her daughter, that's me with my girls by my side
O this mommying is a wonderful ride!

Four generations together celebrating Mother's Day
A time of laughter and a chance to say
For all you do and all you've done
A place of honor in my heart you have won!

And to the beautiful one who lives too far away
To join us in celebrating on this special day
Your impact on my life is clear
You raised well the Husband I love so dear!

Mom, Grandma and Mother-in-law, this silly rhyme is just to say
Thank you, you are loved more each day!


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Glenn said...

Love all 3 kiss photos!