Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty in pink

This is the stunning view from Miss Sofi Bug's bedroom window.

My beautiful, smart, funny Sofi Bug, who like her Dad is able to make me laugh, not a simple chuckle mind you, but the whole hearted, make my sides ache, kind of laugh.

It always surprises me that they can make me laugh so much because the things that Miss Sofi Bug and her Dad find funny are often lost on me. The two of them can be in stitches over something that causes me to wrinkle my nose and scrunch my forehead in an effort to grasp the humor they have found. 

Huh! So that's where those wrinkles are coming from.

It's also the reason I treasure the times that I am able to make them crack up with laughter. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it gives me great pleasure and I have to say out loud, "I made you laugh!" just to confirm that it really happened.


Our pretty pink crab apple tree is right outside Miss Sofi Bug's window, it has finally bloomed and it's gorgeous!

It smells fantastic too.

I'd like to trade rooms with her for the few days the tree will be in bloom, so that I can enjoy the lovely fragrance that wafts into Sofi Bug's room and see it out the window first thing every morning.

It truly is a sight to behold!

I suspect the Husband would not agree to the room switch though. While it might be cute for about 5 minutes to snuggle together in a twin size bed, spending an entire night in one might annoy him. 

There might also be a struggle convincing Miss Sofi Bug to give us our spacious queen size bed back and return to her compact twin size bed.

I will have to settle for standing under the tree and breathing in deeply to get my fill of it's wonderful scent.

Then again, if we get the storms that have been forecasted for tonight it won't matter anyway, all of the petals will be blown away and that will be that. I will be so disappointed.

It happens every year. I really should be used to it by now.

I'm off to breath deeply!


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