Monday, May 16, 2011

What a weekend

Thursday: I told you about the Husband's car trouble.

We took the car in for repair.

It was more expensive than we hoped it would be. BUMMER!

Friday: I planned to tell you about the repair, but Blogger was DOWN!

I yelled "WHAT?" when I discovered Blogger was down.

Blogger did not respond.

I could not post.

We did take down the apple tree that was damaged over the winter.

Thank you neighbor with a chainsaw and the desire to use it! With your help we made short work of that big tree.

The extra muscle we brought in was a big help too.

This is all that remains of the old apple tree.

Once all of the work was done, we parked it on the patio for a nice neighborly chat...and beer. The men had beer. I do not like beer! yuck. But it was great to have a lovely evening and finally get to sit outside for a visit with the neighbors! Ahhh spring!

Saturday: Cold and rainy! Grrrr! Darn spring!

The plan was to go to the farmers market, purchase the tomato plants and herbs for the garden, rent a tiller, till up the garden and begin planting.

We should have put it off for better weather.

We did not. 

Cold, wet and with globs of not-quite-mud stuck to the bottom of our shoes, we got the job done!

Tomatoes in!

Snap peas in!

Peppers in!

I bought herbs, but we did not get them in. Maybe later today if I am feeling a bit more recovered from yesterday.

We then spent the afternoon warming up and playing Farkle with the Grandparents. 

We have had friends and family tell us that Farkle is fun to play.

We got the game to check it out for ourselves.

Farkle is fun!

Farkle is fun to say!

Farkle, Farkle, Farkle.

The Husband won.

The rest of us were good sports about it because while Emma bean was off playing a cousin her age, Sofibug played Farkle with all of us adults and we felt it was important to set a good example. I really just wanted to pout because I lost! 

Sunday: Awoke to a beautiful sunny day! Birds were chirping with delight!

Emma bean and I were sick!

I held back her hair. That's all I'm gonna say about that!

She told me she loved me for taking care of her.

We curled up in fetal positions under the covers and whimpered and whined!

We nibbled crackers. 

We whimpered and whined!

We napped.

The Husband made us chicken soup.

We whimpered.

We watched Boston Rob win Survivor, though we were rooting for Matt.

I whined some more...not because I was sick.

Monday: Emma bean and I are improving. 

Some rest and real food today and we should be back to our old selves tomorrow. Like I said, maybe I'll even feel up to planting the herbs this afternoon.

I don't know when I will recover from Boston Rob's victory over Matt!


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