Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not-so-little Emma Bean

Emma Bean asked me if I wished she would stay little forever. Was I sad that she was growing up?

The answer was easy.

Little one it is a joy watching you grow.

I am thrilled by each new thing you learn!

I take delight in the joy you find in each new day!

I hope you follow your dreams and discover God's plan for you.

I have watched creativity blossom in you and it is a gift.

I am amazed watching you grow bold and courageous and try something different.

It is a blessing to witness a heart of compassion grow in you.

Always hold on to your playful spirit.

No, my not-so-little one, I do not want you to stay little forever. I want you to grow and experience all the wonders God has planned for you. It will give me great joy!

Yes, my not-so-little one, I wish you could stay little forever so I could take care of your every need and snuggle you and kiss your little nose and sing you silly songs. It would give me great joy.

As I said, the answer is easy, and you will fully understand it one day if you decide to become a Mommy.

But, whether my little one or my grown up girl, my love for you is absolute! I delight in you!



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