Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of the mouth of my teenager

So, I was telling my sweet Miss Sofi Bug that there are ten women in my Bible study, including myself, and there are currently, when all little heads are counted, 28 children between us. I say currently because one of the ladies is expecting another little one. Woohoo!

My girl's eyes opened wide and she said "Wow, that's almost three kids per mom!"

"Some moms have two children and a few moms have 4."

Her response was a shocked, "Four kids! How do they do that!?"

I laughed. "Honey, moms just do. Those moms are pretty amazing though, aren't they?"

"They are amazing! But Mom, kids are hard! I mean, like I have issues!"

This is the point where I began to wonder. 

Aside from the normal struggles of raising children, I think she's a pretty easy kid. 

I'm not exactly clear on what she meant by issues. (school, boys, friends, just being 13) 

Is she gearing up to be trouble for awhile and this was my warning or does she think that raising her is a lot more difficult than it really is? 

I swear I have not lamented the hardship of raising children to her! OK, maybe I rolled my eyes once...twice...tops! 

I'm really hoping she just thinks she's a difficult child to raise and she is not warning me of trouble ahead. Maybe her concern that raising her is a lot of work is why she is so easy. So shhhh. We'll let the fact that she is mostly an easy child be our little secret!

However, I might be asking all of the ladies in my Bible study for some prayers, you know, just in case.

And hey moms, out of the mouth of my teenager...raising kids is hard and you are AMAZING!!


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