Thursday, May 12, 2011

The upside

Bummer! The Husband's Jeep began to overheat on his way to work this morning. 

The upside is that he hadn't gotten very far before he had car trouble, he was able to make it back home and we didn't have to pay for a tow.

This picture is not an actual picture of the Husband's Jeep. This is a picture of how the Husband would like his Jeep to look! Just sayin.

However, this means we have to take the car into the repair shop after I get back from an appointment I have this morning. I hope the repair won't cost us some big $$$$.

The upside is that the Husband will be working from home today and I get to gaze at his handsome mug whenever I'd like to, and I like to!

However, this means that I will have to be productive today. I'll actually have to clean the house. He might get upset if while he is working all day I play Plants vs Zombies all day.

The upside is that the house will be spotless so we'll be able devote the entire weekend to getting the vegetable garden tilled up and then planted! Frankly, it's all upside from there...except for weeding all summer.


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