Friday, May 6, 2011

That's what happened

You may be wondering what happened to me blog post and all. Then again you may not have noticed the lack of post and didn't care, which is fine, mostly, really it's OK, I will only cry a little if that's the case.

But if you were wondering why there was no post, I will tell you. This is exactly what happened, or approximately what happened. It's possible this story will be exaggerated, but then again maybe not.

Anyway, I ran to Target yesterday morning to purchase some body wash. We were out. Clearly I missed that on my last shopping list. Either that or the family is overly concerned with being clean and everyone has been showering way too much lately. Since I do prefer the family be clean, I won't complain about excess showering, unless it becomes obsessive. I will buy cheaper body wash however!

While at Target I had to get a Starbucks Mocha. You probably knew that. 

I grabbed the body wash and while waiting in the checkout line, I saw it. The Special Collector's Issue of People! Guess who the special issue was about. That's right William and Catherine.

The issue is a 72-page Royal Wedding Album!

From hats to what the Royals wore and photos of Kate's lovely Party gown.

I bought the magazine. Drove straight home. Sat on the couch with my special issue and my mocha and devoured them both...until the girls got home from school and wanted to see it too.

They had to pry it from my hands!

They didn't want to give it back!

But they had to go to school today and once again, it's all mine!

The Husband may have to hide it from me so I get something done next week!


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