Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Even better

Not too long ago I told you about flameless candles and how great I thought they were. Do you remember?

Well, I found something even better! Hard to believe I know!

What could be even better than flameless candles? 


No, I haven't gone back to flaming candles.

This is the latest and greatest new flameless candle.

Instead of using a little light bulb like the original flameless candle...

...these new candles have a moving piece, shaped like a flame, that light is projected onto and it really looks like the flickering flame of a lit candle. 

When I first saw it I way, that just looks silly! But when the candle was on, it looked so real, I was convinced! 

These are my new favorite flameless candles!

And they too are completely safe!

Please don't try this at home with a lit candle! But with a Smart Candle flameless worries!

Unfortunately I didn't get to keep the new candle. The husband got his hands on one at work so he could bring it home to show me how great they are. He took it back to work. 

I can't have it. sniff 

I have to wait until they are in stores to get one. pooh

And these also have the timer feature and I hear that some work by remote. hmmm


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