Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It was bound to happen

I said never again! (It's too much work.)

I'm done! (It takes too much effort.)

No way! (I don't want to sort through everything.)

But then my good friend told me she was going to do it.

And then I went through the girl's closets and drawers, to try on the summer clothes from last year, the girls have grown by leaps and bounds, nothing fits them anymore.

This pile of clothing, that no longer fits, really must go!

And, after 9 years of yellow, I decided I wanted to go back to white dishes, which we had prior to the yellow. 

This pile of dishes really must go!

Fortunately I still had most of the white dishes from before, and I was able to fill in the missing pieces I needed from Ikea without spending too much. Gotta love Ikea!

The part about the old dishes doesn't really have anything to do with this blog post. I just wanted to tell you that I like Ikea.

We also have some small pieces of furniture that we don't have a place for any longer. This table really must go!

And there are some odds and ends, really an assortment of items that we no longer need or have space for, that really must go. Not to mention the things that our two, double digit girls have outgrown or simply no longer use. 

Polly Pockets anyone?

I guess what I'm saying is...I think I will be having a garage sale with my friend, who said she will be having a garage sale.

Drat! I said it out loud, it must be so. 


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