Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who knew

Apparently one can use up all of one's allotted space for photo files on their blog. Apparently one needs to be aware of how large one's photo files are and one should reduce the size of one's photo files before posting one's photos on one's blog. Can you guess who that one would be?

(insert photo of me looking sheepish)

Now that one is aware of the need to reduce the size of one's photos, one will have to reduce the size of all of the previously posted photos before further posting may occur.

One is working feverishly to remedy the problem and regular posting should resume tomorrow!

(insert photo of me sweating from feverish efforts to remedy problem...not ugly sweating mind you, with the face all red and blotchy, only the glistening kind, like in the movies)

One thanks you for your patience and for understanding that one is a techno illiterate!

Please come back tomorrow! PLEASE and thank you!


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