Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I will just start with apologizing. I'm sorry if you came to the blog today to read something uplifting or chipper, you may want to stop right now.

It's not that I'm angry or terribly sad, it's just a crabby, grumbly kinda day.

It rained most of yesterday and began to snow this morning. Really I think it's the snow! I don't mind a rainy day. In fact I tend to like rainy days. But it is the end of April and we are still seeing snow. It IRKS me!

That and the big mess the Maple tree dropped on the driveway that gets tracked into the house.

And the big gouge the plow made in the grass over the winter that we will need to repair.

And the fact that my very beautiful William Baffin climbing rose does not seem to be doing well this spring.

I am afraid that the beetles may have done more damage to it last year than I realized. It should definitely have more leaf buds on it than it does.

It's likely we will have to cut out a lot of dead branches this year and wait a couple of years for it to return to it's usual lovely self.

And how did I end up with a sink full of dishes this morning when we ordered in pizza last night?

Let me just say that I am all too aware that these are trivial little complaints! There are real problems going on in the world and these little annoyances are nothing in comparison. 

So again...I apologize! I really think the snow this morning is to blame!

Perhaps though, you understand...and I am not the only one feeling it.

I'm definitely blaming the snow!


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