Monday, April 4, 2011

A good distraction

I have a very hard time waiting patiently for spring! It's April, and in my opinion April should equal sunshine, warmer days, tulips blooming, and the wonderful smell of hyacinth. But we don't say April showers bring May flowers for nothing. It's gonna be awhile. Blah.

It does help to know that the growing season has begun though! I found the evidence this past weekend in my flower gardens. Look!

It's so exciting to see even the smallest bit green. Is it obvious that I am one of those people who prowl the garden incessantly in the spring, looking for the new growth and for assurance that everything has survived the winter?

Because of my struggle to wait for spring, I was delighted to get to join some friends at the Macy's spring flower show.

Oh the smell! How I wish I could contain it to enjoy at whim!

The fragrance was outdone only by the magnificence of the colors of the flowers.

It was fun to forget, even for a little while, that the ground outside still has a few snowy patches, and look at Tulips and Peonies.

This Weeping Cherry tree was like something out of a fairy tale.

I don't know what this flower is called, but...WOW!

Lovely flowers, wonderful smells and a good time with friends! Then it was back to reality.

Grow little flowers, GROW!


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