Monday, April 25, 2011

The hunt

Grandma lures them in with a false sense of ease by placing a few eggs where they are easily found.

But the hunt is not for the faint of heart! 

There are only a few eggs so easily discovered. Most of them are well hidden.

The effort of the hunt makes every hidden treasure or treat that much sweeter!

Yep, Grandma even hides eggs for us big kids too. Woohoo!

Everyone has to be sure to keep a good count of the eggs they have found (14 eggs each) so no one ends up continuing to look in vain.

And no one wastes any time, once they have all of their eggs, opening them and eating all of the chocolate they can before Mom asks "How much of that candy have you eaten!?"

Spring left a few treasures for us to find as well.

When all of the eggs have been found, and all of the candy that will be allowed is consumed, it is time to play!

It was a great day! 

If only I could still get the girls to wear cute dresses! sigh


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