Wednesday, April 6, 2011

He said/She said


Husband says: Do we have any more hand soap?
Wife says: Isn't there a refill bottle of soap in the linen closet?
Husband says: No. We must be out. And all of the soap dispensers are nearly empty.
Wife says: That can't be! I was sure we had some in the linen closet. Darn! I must have missed that on my Target list the other day. I'll run back to the store tomorrow to get hand soap.

The wife was completely distressed that she had let the family run out of hand soap and began to fret about all of the possible nasty germs her family would catch if she did not get to the store before the last of the hand soap ran out!


The wife runs to Target to purchase much needed hand soap and she also buys Reese's pieces. Wife realizes she should not have bought Reese's pieces because they are so super yummy she wants to eat them all. She did NOT! But she wanted to.

Wife says: Sorry about that husband. I don't know what happened. I thought we still had hand soap.
Husband says: It's OK, no big deal.

Wife thinks husband is a good and patient man! Wife is relieved family is safe from germs!


Wife pulls out cleaning supplies to clean bathrooms. 

The wife is surprised to find 1/3 full refill bottle of hand soap with cleaning supplies.

Wife says: Honey, do you remember placing the hand soap refill in the bucket with the cleaning supplies after you cleaned the bathrooms last week?
Husband says: comment. Maybe?!

The family will not run out of hand soap any time soon!

The important point of this story (and the wife knows it) is that the husband had cleaned bathrooms! 

Thank you Husband!


  P.S. The wife also got Reese's pieces out of the deal! Bonus!

This post was husband approved.

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