Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perfect timing

My favorite scented candles were pumpkin spice candles that smelled like fall and pumpkin pie and warm sunshine and all of the things that are pleasant about fall. I really liked those candles. Sadly I can no longer get them. The company stopped making them. I know...bummer! I kinda took it personally.

Oh well, there are other candles I like and I can still enjoy the way a lit candle makes a room feel warm and cozy without the delicious pumpkin pie aroma. 

You do have to keep and eye on a lit candle though or they do this.

Yeah that's a line of wax that dripped down the side of the candlestick, and it's not coming off. Unless there's something I don't know about. Please feel free to share if you know how to remove candle wax, because all I've got right now is the turn-the-drip-side-to-the-wall trick. It's not a perfect solution, but it works.

As much as I like candles, I have found something better. That's right...better!

It's flameless candles!

Have you seen them? 

They're one of my favorite things!

For spring I placed this one in a glass hurricane, surrounded it with moss and little decorative mushrooms, and had no worries that the candle was too hot for the moss. How great is that?

I thought it was a very clever decorating idea...thank you Pottery Barn!

And these flameless candles have a lovely vanilla scent. My new favorite!

The thing I like most about these flameless candles is that I can turn them on and off whenever I want or they can, by the flip of a switch, be set on a timer. With the timer set they will automatically turn on at the same time every day and turn off four hours later. Cool!

I like entering a room in the evening that is already aglow with warm candle light. And when it is time to turn in for the night, the candle light automatically goes out. It's fabulous!

Can you tell it makes me giddy? Oh and I almost forgot...You can buy these at Target! One of my favorite stores! Woohoo!

Or, if you have a friend, who is hosting a party for her friend, who sells flameless candles, you can buy them from her while enjoying and evening with some wonderful ladies and wine. This weekend...I can't wait!

The only downside to flameless candles with a timer is that I didn't think to explain to the girls that the candles are set on a timer and that turning the candles off and back on again really quickly in the middle of the timer cycle does not keep the candles on the originally set timer.

It's great that I don't have to worry that the girls might get burned by these candles, but they are not a toy! When the girls play with them they throw off my flameless candle timer groove! It takes me weeks to remember to turn the timers back on at the right time again.

I highly recommend getting some flameless scented candles! Just be sure to tell everyone...hands off the timer! 


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