Friday, April 15, 2011

Scrap it

For a long time I have saved old know the ones, with the elastic that is no longer elastic, so in the morning you find yourself wrapped up in the fitted sheet like a mummy. I have also saved old dress know the ones, that have acquired a hole or the ones that the husband no longer wears. I have saved them because there is still a lot of good fabric in them. I couldn't just throw that away!

Well I am patting myself on the back now. All of that "still good fabric" is coming in very handy for the sewing lessons I've been giving the girls.

For our last project, we used "still good fabric" to make these silly characters.

Aren't they fun?

Speaking of fun, it has been very fun to listen to the girls chat as they work. Now I know who all of the cute boys are! No no no, don't even ask! I am sworn to secrecy. I have also learned which classes are sooo boring and which teacher tells the best jokes. I love it!

I'm also very impressed that now they know the difference between a running stitch and a whip stitch.

Even the girls are learning the value of saving "still good fabric." Keep those scraps!

While making our current project, a cute little bag, using "still good fabric," we realized they would be way cuter if we embellished them with some adorable scrap fabric flowers. Check it out!

How much cuter is that?

Ah...girl talk, ribbons, and fabric flowers...good things! 

Have I mention how much I like ribbon? I could wander the ribbon isle of a craft store for days. Yep, I save ribbons too. I have jars and containers full. Lovely ribbons. They make me smile!

I can't wait for the next sewing class!


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