Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a treat

Yesterday afternoon, the sun was shining and I could not resist the urge to start cleaning up the flower beds. I left them a bit of a mess last fall...shame on me! 

I was thrilled at what I found as I worked.

The bleeding heart is growing. This one is white, but I also have a pink one. They're both beautiful!

The lilies are coming up. I can't wait to smell their incredible fragrance again!

I have to cage the lilies every year with chicken wire or the darn rabbits will bite off their stems. 

You'd think they would learn. Every year it's the same story. The rabbits will bite the stem of a lily off at the ground, decide it doesn't taste good, and proceed to bite off the next lily stem. 

Umm...if the first one wasn't to their liking, what makes them think the next one will be better? After a couple years of finding every lily discarded on the ground, I learned! And now they are caged. And I am happy!

Much to my surprise, I also found this little delight in the flower bed. I don't know where it came from or what it is. Maybe a squirrel deposited a bulb in hopes of returning to munch on it later. Apparently the squirrel forgot about it because it grew and now I get to enjoy it.

With some gardening done, it was time to bake the cookies.

I have a little business baking cookies. It's mostly just friends and family that order from me. 

Last night I had two orders for chocolate chip cookies to make.

I love the way the house smells when cookies are baking. 

It can be a little hard on the family when I have a cookie order. Occasionally there is a cookie or two extra that they can sample, but when there isn't anything extra, they think it's cruel that they have to smell cookies baking that they won't get to eat.

I do let them sample the cookie dough sometimes. That is the best part after all.

But with two cookie orders to bake last night, no one had reason to complain.

I made enough cookies to fill the orders, allow the husband to have a taste, the girls could take a couple in their lunches today, and there were still enough cookies so I could have one of these.

Now that's how you eat chocolate chip cookies my friend! 

Yep, yesterday was a treat!


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