Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The cube has sat benignly on the bookshelf for months.

Which was more than one seventh grader could take. No, she could not leave well enough alone! 

Much to my dismay, my beloved seventh grader had to grab one of the blocks on the cube and pull.

Thus instantly transforming the benign cube into a mind bending, head pounding, never to be solved puzzle.

I begged her not to do it!

She promised she could handle it! 

She began with a twinkle in her eye and determination on her face.

She persevered for several minutes...

...before agitation set in.

Agitation quickly became frustration.

Frustration then turned into all out aggravation!

Aggravation then turned into resignation. My dear, darling girl gave up. Which of course left me with the tangled mess of a puzzle.

What was I to do with that?

It couldn't go back on the bookshelf a tangled mess!

So, I solved it, and put the cube away where it belonged...where it should have been left...where it sat benignly for months, not bothering a soul.

Poor girl. 

I told her. 

All I have to say is that I am smarter than a seventh grader! Oh yeah!

And I will brag about that every chance I get...until she asks me to help her with her advanced math. Then I will have complete amnesia about the bragging!


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