Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The girls used to spend hours playing with this Playmobil castle when they were younger.

It's a great toy! 

It has a king and a queen...

...knights in shining armor, a prince and several princesses.

And no fairy tale castle would be complete without a beautiful fairy and... a UNICORN!

I bet you're thinking the girls must have had some fantastical imaginary playtime with this amazing castle. 

The reality is that they spent most of their time switching around the people's hair and crowns, swapping the princess' skirts, and hiding the knight's armor. Basically making a mess of the castle. 

It was wonderful!

Once the girls had made a huge jumble of all of the castle pieces, I would spend hours, well maybe a half hour or so, putting everything back in order.

I would rearrange the furniture.

I would create new scenes.

I would take my turn playing with the castle. I would have so much fun!

The girls have informed me that they have outgrown the castle and they would be open to selling it.

The problem is that I am not ready to sell the castle! I still want to play with it! I still need someone to mess it up!

Does anyone want to play castle with me? Anyone...anyone? Please?



Stefanie said...

Hi. I came across your blog while I was searching for the playmobil castle for my daughters 5th birthday, the new design just doesn't compare to the older one, anyway, I was wondering if you had given any thought into selling it if you havent sold it already. I'd be really interested.


Christine said...

Sorry Stefanie, we're not ready to part with the castle. In fact it is set up right now and just waiting for me to rearrange the furniture. Good luck with your castle hunt! It really is a great toy!