Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer olympics here they come!

Oh how I love a quiet weekend.

A weekend that isn't full of things to do and places we have to go is like balm after a busy week.

The girls took advantage of the free time to practice their Style Diving. I think it is going to be the next BIG Summer Olympic's sport!

Emma practiced her Oh-dear-I'm-slipping-into-the-pool dive.

Excellent form!

Sofia practiced her I-can-jump-higher-than-you dive!

Very graceful!

The girls are also working on their doubles diving.

The beach ball is a nice touch, but they need a little work on their timing!

There was the classic cannonball.

Very good!

And then there was my new favorite dive. The Oh-no-I-tripped-over-the-edge-of-the-pool dive.

It begins with a toe catching on the pools edge.

Then comes the oh no I'm falling into the pool face.

For the big finish, the tongue must be out so that the audience feels the divers pain! I think she's got this one down!

I'm especially impressed by the way the girls have incorporated the use of the beach balls into their dives!

I think their is no doubt that, once the sport of Style Diving becomes an official part of the Summer Olympics, the girls will be ready to take the gold medal!

I'm so proud!


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