Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lazy days of summer

Finally they have arrived! 

They are what I look forward to each summer, yet every year they are more illusive than I expect them to be.

The calendar becomes filled with camps and activities, all fun and good, yet obstacles to what I crave. Hence my excitement that they are finally here...the lazy days of summer!! YAY!!

The weather is wonderful, low humidity, gorgeous sunshine and refreshing breezes. The calendar is cleared of most activities! Excellent!

Now, to my frustration, I am struggling to settle into the blissfully slow pace! snort!

I feel the need to keep going and doing even though this is exactly what I longed for during those final count down to summer, school days.

So, though it's a struggle, I am going to try to follow the example of this little guy.

He calmly sits and soaks up the sunshine most of the day! I am going to soak up the sunshine! 

I am going to take time to watch the Praying Mantises that have been doing a great job of devouring the unwanted bugs in the garden!

Can you believe how much they have grown?

Hello Mantis!

My goal is to not hurry for anything, just like the tomatoes in the garden, that seem to be in no hurry to ripen! Okay, patience in this instance is going to be very difficult, but I am going to try!

I am going to stop and smell the Sweet Peas...that took forever to grow and bloom this year. Not that I am complaining, because until now I didn't have the time to enjoy them!

And the girls and I are finally going to sit at the kitchen table and make friendship bracelets from the embroidery floss I hurried to prepare for them earlier this summer, because I was sure they would have time to make bracelets.

We will throw open the kitchen window and allow the lovely breeze to carry in the wonderfully sweet fragrance of the Hosta, whose blooms are ready to burst open any moment, into the room! 

I will enjoy the slowness of these lazy days of summer and I will pretend that school will not begin again, in three short weeks!! sniff!!


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