Friday, August 12, 2011

The falls

While in Sioux Falls we decided to stop for breakfast on Sunday morning at a donut shop the Husband frequented in his youth.

I was shocked when he shared with the girls and me that he and some friends would skip out of church to run across the street to get donuts from this shop! What!? Well I never! I also didn't have a donut shop across the street from my church to tempt me. 

The plan was to pick up donuts and go to the falls...Sioux Falls...yep there are falls...and eat our breakfast.

Well guess what? The donut shop is no longer open on Sundays! The owners were probably in church! Or maybe they got a cease and desist order for providing donuts to kids who sneak out of church!

We ended up getting breakfast from Starbucks! I didn't complain.

We took our breakfast to the falls, pulled up a rock, and enjoyed the beautiful view while we ate.

The city has done a great job improving the Falls park and it gets a lot of visitors.

When I saw these guys, I had to snap this photo. I know their friend wanted to get a shot of the backs of their jackets, but I thought they looked like they were going to pee in the river. I wasn't brave enough to yell, "Hey, no peeing in the river!" They may not have thought I was funny! They looked pretty tough and the Husband was still enjoying his breakfast, even though it was from Starbucks and not his favorite Daylight Donut shop, and he might have been upset if he had to defend his wife, in the middle of eating his breakfast, when she should have kept quiet! So I decided I would just share with you!


The falls are beautiful!

I highly recommend visiting if you're ever in Sioux Falls!

In case you were wondering, the Husband did eventually get a donut from his favorite shop! 

I think it was definitely a cease and desist order!


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