Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Road trip

Soo, I haven't posted for a few days.

Did anyone notice?

Did anyone miss me?




I haven't posted because the Husband and I packed up the family and drove to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Woohoo!

We went to visit the Husband's folks.

We hadn't seen them since December so we were really looking forward to the visit. The girls were very excited to get to see Grandma and Papa!

Our hotel room looked right out onto the river, which was lovely...

as long as you looked out and not down!

A river walk is being constructed right behind the hotel we stayed in. I'm sure it will be a wonderful attraction for the city. However, it was an annoyance for us when the workers began pounding, sawing, and driving heavy equipment at 6:00am! Apparently no one told them we were on vacation and wanted to sleep in! snort! I'm sure it will be nice to stroll along the river when we go for our next visit!

My Mother-in-law wanted to purchase new sneakers for the girls for school while we were there. YAY! Not only was it wonderful that she was willing to cover that expense, it also took less than 30 minutes to find shoes the girls liked. That never happens! NEVER!! I have never taken the girls shoe shopping and had them find shoes they liked that the store actually had in their size in less than 2 hours! NEVER!!! I'm going to have to find a way to take my Mother-in-law along next year when I take the girls shopping for shoes. She saved me a huge chunk of time! 

Thank you Mother-in-law! You're the best!

My Mother-in-law has this amazing knack for finding really great bargains! She passed that on to the Husband! It's a good talent, but sometimes it irks me because I don't have it! 

My Mother-in-law also tried to teach us to play canasta. It was a little confusing at first!

Although maybe that was because the Husband was being a distraction! We began to catch on after awhile. I liked it. I'm going to keep practicing. And yes, the numbers on her cards were REALLY big!

I'll show you more photos from our trip throughout the week.

I'm glad to be back. 

Hope you'll come back too!


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