Monday, August 22, 2011

Pears, pears, pears

We revel in swimming in my parents pool on hot summer days!

While we swim, we watch their pear tree, which if you look in the left hand corner of this photo you can see hangs over the pool, bring forth an abundance of delicious fruit.

I begin to feel like a kid riding in a car on a long road trip this time of year because I begin to ask my parents incessantly, "are they ready yet? Are they ready now?" It is very difficult to wait for that first bite of crisp, perfectly tree ripened pear! YUM!

Finally this weekend, it was time! YAY!

The Husband and I pitched in to help pick some pears.

We were just trying to be helpful. It's not like we just wanted to get our hands on some of those wonderful pears! We did want some, but we would have helped whether we got some or not! But I am really, really glad my parents share!! 

We got a basket full!

The best pears...hello beautiful... 

will be eaten as one of our favorite afternoon snacks!

The pears that are bruised or blemished we will make into Country pear cake or tarts! I can't wait!

Pear harvesting time is very good! And now my parents won't have to hear, "Are they ready yet?" for at least 7 more months!


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